Research on Security Access Control Method of Wireless Network based on Blockchain Technology

  • Xie Zeqiang
  • Azizol Abdullah
  • Abdullah Muhammed
  • Masnida Hussin


This study aims to address problems of large access delay and low encryption efficiency of existing wireless network access control methods. The wireless network is exposed to malicious attacks by hackers, data theft and unauthorized access. Limitations on current methods such as CP-ABE and Fuzzy encryption requires a new technique to solve the security problem. Therefore, a new wireless network security access control method based on blockchain technology is proposed. To control the security of wireless network access, this method analyzed the characteristics of the blockchain structure system and constructed a wireless network security access control model. According to the access control model, the trust level of wireless network users is divided, hence, based on the results of the trust level division, the user is authorized to access. Based on findings, the experiments are implemented to combine with the elliptic curve group and the bilinear mapping method to ensure that the wireless network security access control is accomplished. Comparative empirical results indicate that the proposed control method has less access delay and shorter encryption time, consequently having a higher practical application value.

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Zeqiang, X., Abdullah, A., Muhammed, A., & Hussin, M. (2021). Research on Security Access Control Method of Wireless Network based on Blockchain Technology. Journal of Advanced Computing Technology and Application (JACTA), 3(2), 9-16. Retrieved from