Simulation of Token Bucket Algorithm for Network Traffic Performance

  • Nor Afifah Mat Nawi
  • Robiah Yusof


The internet is the most important medium for users in the cyber world. Along with the development of the internet, technologies allow users to do multi-tasking, nonetheless, it initiates collision. The traffic collision is one of the problems that occurred in the wired network. In order to provide a high-performance network, the quality-of-service (QoS) is required. Traffic shaping is one of the tools that can provide QoS in network traffic. However, implementing the basic mechanism of traffic shaping cannot solve this issue. In this research, the optimal size of the bucket in the Token Bucket Algorithm (TBA) is used as one of the techniques in traffic shaping. The variables of this algorithm are modified in order to offer the effective proposed token bucket size that can be used in wired networks and tested using the OPNET modeler. This algorithm has successfully reduced the delay in the network traffic and improve the response time when users request several applications concurrently.

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